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Caps Jump

Caps Jump (跳一跳) was the most popular puzzle game in Hong Kong now, Do you know why does it?why it could be? why Hong Kong people like to play this simple game? its just a simple game, just play and you will find the reason by yourself. How to play Caps Jump (跳一跳) : Caps Jump was Very simple to play and very fun. Players press and hold on screen, the little bottle will jump to the next cube when the finger is released. The longer the press is the further the bottle can jump. you just be careful do not let the bottle fall off the cube, or the game is over. Try it out and have fun Caps Jump (跳一跳) game strategy: 1, continuous jump to the center of box, you will get score +2, +4, +6 ... 2, jump to music box and stay 5 second, then play music and the score +30. 3, jump to the convenience store and stay 5 second, Convenience stores will open and the score +15. 4, jump to Rubiks Cube and stay 5 second, the Rubiks cube will rotate, and the score +10. 5, jump to cover and stay 5 second, the cover will play flush sound and the score +5. The features of Caps Jump (跳一跳): 1. the most popular puzzle game. 2. Easy to use,easy to play. 3. Funny and make you Smarter. 4. Game is automatically saved. 5. Beautiful and simple UI. Caps Jump(跳一跳) tips: 1. immediately jump, 2. quick to look around 3. Be careful not to fall Thank you for play my game,we will make it better and more funny.

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