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3D Aircraft Carrier Simulator

If you are a fan of real flight simulator games then you will surely enjoy playing this simulation game Are you looking for a F18 pilot flight simulator that will teach you to become a real jet fighter flight pilot then please start downloading. This game is simply really enjoyable for everybody who likes F16 flight games, army flight simulator games and combat flight simulator games. After you have started your new career as a jet fighter flight pilot you have very little time to master the skills a real flight pilot requires. Please remember that you are not just a pilot but a real flight pilot flying one of the most advanced airplanes the world has ever seen This F18 pilot flight simulator has 20 very exciting and challenging game levels for you to show us your jet fighter skills. In the beginning the game levels will be less difficult so you can get used to this advanced airplane. Every new level will get more difficult and we are sure that not everybody is ready to become a real jet fighter flight pilot flying a real jet F18. Only the best of the best will succeed.. As a jet F18 pilot you do more than just fly through the skies. F18 carrier landing is also very important. Landing in a carrier is one of the most difficult landings a flight pilot has to face 3D Aircraft Carrier Simulator – KEY FEATURES • 20 exciting and challenging jet fighter missions • Change your view to cockpit view • Fly with one the most advanced jet fighter airplanes, the F18 jet fighter • Watch out because time is limited. Finish each game level before time runs out • Watch out for skyscrapers to avoid mayday • New flight missions will follow • New jet fighter airplanes will be added So if you really are a fan of F16 simulator games, army flight simulator games and combat flight simulator games you really need to play this simulation game. You will definitely like it Warning Your jet fighter plane will mayday if you fly into skyscrapers, fall into the sea or hit the ground. This will not be good for your flight pilot career. Were on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on your favorite networks to hear about our newest games and other news updates: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TrimcoGames Twitter - https://twitter.com/gamestrimco